Extract data, missing data/pages

Hi, I’m trying to extract reviews from the website glassdoor with Selenium nodes.
I created the following to begin with the extraction of the title only, but somehow it always skips (a) page/s. I don’t see why.
When trying the same for extracting the Job title and date, it skips a lot of entries and also they are not in the correct order. Any idea what could be wrong?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @knndcc

It’s almost impossible to troubleshoot this by just looking at the nodes you use. Sharing the workflow would help a lot here :wink:


Hi @ArjenEX, oh you are right, sorry.
Also for your information, this is my first workflow, with Selenium nodes. Still a beginner, so might have some things not correct. FYI, After the first 6 nodes, I need to log in to the page.
gd_scrape.knwf (72.3 KB)