Extract Date & Time Fields w/ US Date Convention

The only input format I’ve seen for date extraction is “2022-01-01”. The most common date convention in the US is “01/01/2022”. I can use string manipulation to translate, but its a slight pain. Is there a way to directly feed the normal US format to this node?

Is there more context to this? Can you provide some example data and your desired output, and/or a workflow?

What exactly do you mean by “date extraction”?

There’s an Extract Date&Time Fields node, but this does not allow you to enter a format.

If you’re talking about converting a string to the KNIME Date&Time format using the String to Date&Time node, then you can use whatever format you want. You just type it in.

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@rfeigel you could check out these links and examples:

In your case it is:


the example …

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