Extract File from Outlook using "Get Mail" Node

Hi Knime Community,

I’ve been exploring Knime and successfully automated sending emails within the workflow. My next challenge is to directly fetch raw files (specific with a subject and raw file name) from Outlook using Knime and integrate them into my current workflow. Is there a way to do this? From my research, some suggest using the “Get Mail” node, but I’m unsure how to use or apply it in the workflow (I don’t know what to input in the Host name). Has anyone tried it?

Thank you in advance!

I did try, but I get this error.


Hello @Heldyyyyy :wave:t2:

May you look at the KNIME Email Processing extension (currently in Labs*)?

I guess this particular workflow :knime: :link: could cover your use case.

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*KNIME Labs Extensions comprise new extensions whose functionality may not yet be finalized


Happy to support with the Get Mail node - it’s actively supported and maintained by NodePit as part of the mbox Nodes and in successful use by several of our users.

To your issue: The second screenshot shows a hostname smtp.office.365.com combined with a protocol of pop3s which doesn’t seem right. Generally SMTP is not for getting mails - look into IMAP or POP instead please.

Did you double check this combination?

Hi @diego_rod_lop thank you for this, it seems pretty straightforward approach, unfortunately I can’t use this nodes because it requires the newest version, I think its 5.2. Whereas I am using 4.7.8 (the latest update on this). I try to update any possible extensions and its say’s that all of them are up to date. I can’t migrate for the newest version rn because some of the existing or older versions of workflows/nodes might have encountered an error. But thanks for the help! will keep this workflow saved :grinning:

Hi @qqilihq, thanks for the help! I try to change it as you suggested (imap and pops), It has the same error. I’m not sure if I input it right :sweat_smile:. For the specific hostname, I can’t find/access my hostname in my email account (account information), I think because it is restricted by the company.

@Heldyyyyy Forgot - the ports don’t seem to be quite right. Various sources on the internet suggest port 993 for IMAP (I’d suggest to use this preferably) and 995 for POP with Office365. Could you give these a try? Fingers crossed!

[Edit] Also the common server name for IMAP and POP seems to be outlook.office365.com

@qqilihq , I try it and it has different error :sweat_smile: my hostname is the outlook.office then I just change the port no. and the protocol:

this is the error for IMAPS:

this is the error for POP3S (I did check and log in 3x, my emailformat is myname@companyname.com):

The good news: According to the error messages, the server configuration (Hostname, Port, Protocol) is correct now, but credentials (Username, Password) seem to be still invalid.

Are you using the same here as e.g. in your email client?

@qqilihq, Yes, I am using the same email username and password in Outlook and in the node. I tried this with my workmate, and the same error appeared.

I already give this a try, I get the portable 5.2 version of knime. This workflow works! I will just create updated workflows on this version :grinning:

Hi @diego_rod_lop just a question, what is the meaning of connection dropped?


Hey @Heldyyyyy ,

Thanks for reaching out again.

This is the first time I have seen this error message using the Email Connector node. :male_detective:t2:

Only to ensure you entered the correct input in the node configuration dialogue. Follow the steps below:

  1. To know your “Email server” value you can check your Server Settings in the Outlook Email client by clicking File > Account Settings > Server Settings.

For example, in my case :point_down:t2:

Then, you need to configure the Email Connector node accordingly :point_down:t2:

Finally, as a password, you DON’T provide your access password. Instead, you need to create an application password for your email client.

If you are using Outlook, here :link: is the link explaining how to do it.

Let us know if you encounter any issues that we can further investigate :mag:


Hi @diego_rod_lop thanks for the inputs, unfortunately, I can’t access server settings due to company policies (and we have limited settings that we can configure in the outlook) so this getting the email workflow/node will not work for me :sweat_smile:

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