Extract HTML from Line Plot to Send in Email

Is it possible to extract the HTML that produces the Line Plot and insert that into the Send Email node? If yes, how?

I have a backup solution in that I can use the General JavaScript View node to produce a visual and then store the resulting HTML in a flow variable… but nobody on my team knows JavaScript except me, so it would really be better if we could automatically extract the HTML from Line Plot and put into Send Email node.

I’ll bump this post for you, cause I am also interested to know just for the sake of knowledge.

Theoretically, this could be done by connecting the Line Plot to the Data to Report Node. On the Data to Report popup window, there is an option to export as PNG (or SVG too). Afterwards, you could use this workflow by @bruno29a to send that image via an email.

But what you’re asking for is more efficient, so I’m hoping you’ll find that solution.


I’d rather use HTML than the report builder for a few reasons:

(1) I am more familiar with HTML
(2) To your point earlier, this would be more efficient
(3) I use Python scripts that produce HTML tables given KNIME data, and I really would like to keep using the Python scripts as-is.

Thanks for the bump!

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