Extract information from images/videos with image recognition algorithms using Knime


I was trying to understand if Knime has some useful instruments for extract information from images/videos.

Maybe using some image recognition algorithms or something like that.

If there is something, can someone share any link/examples/resources about it?

Since from the few knime examples I have seen only numbers as image recognition with convolutional neural networks and DL4J deep learning extension. Is it possible to process and recognize something different from simple handwritten numbers?

I mean something at a higher level, like faces, cars, birds, cats, dogs, persons, places etc..?

If yes, is there a concrete workflow example?

Thanks in advance.


there are some example workflows for the new Keras integration that was introduced with KNIME 3.5. You can find them here at the bottom of the page. Especially the two "Classify images using..." workflows should be interesting.


Thank you for your reply, for Keras integration is strictly needed the 3.5 version I supposed.

Actually I have installed the 3.4 mac version and if I try to update it from knime menu, it tells me that there no version updates in this moment.

The same thing with a knime installation on my ubuntu server. I can update from version 3.1 till to 3.4 version (not 3.5).

Is there no way to update to 3.5 of knime without re-installing again everything?  

Hi gujodm,

Yes, the Keras integration requires KNIME 3.5.

As far as I know, updating KNIME from 3.4 to 3.5 is currently disabled on Mac. You''ll have to reinstall it from scratch, unfortunately. Please note that support for Linux 32 bit has been discontinued in case you run Ubuntu 32 bit. For Ubuntu 64 bit, updating to 3.5 should work normally via "File -> Update KNIME...". If it doesn't, please check if the listed software sites under "File -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites" contain a "3.5" in their "Location" column and are enabled.


Hi Marcel,

thank your your reply.

Regarding the mac version I have just reinstalled it from scratch. Regarding the ubuntu version (64 bit) I cannot find the 3.5 version  under  "File -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites". I have attached a screenshot.

Anyway thanks for you help.

I really appreciate it.



finally I solved the problem. In Ubuntu (64 bit) I have just updated first to the 3.4 version, and then I was to able to update also to 3.5 version.

This simple action just did the trick!


Hi Gujo,

glad it worked out for you!