Extract multiple hashtags from string with "Regex Split" node

Hello community, 

I want to extract all hashtags (words beginning with #) from a given string with the "Regex Split" node but up until now I am having no success. The regex I am using is the following (I also tried other variants):


Maybe some of you can help me accomplish this task. Thanks in advance, Christoph

Don't use the slashes. The regular expression is only the part between the slashes.

Thanks for your input but I've already tried the same thing without the slashes and did not get the expected result. Maybe I should be a little bit more clear. For example I have the following text: "This is a #random #example text for testing #purposes"

What I expect from the "Regex Split" node is that I get an output table with additional columns for each hashtag. Therefore I would want a column split_0 with value "#random", a column split_1 with the value "#example" and a column split_2 with the value "#purposes". 

Is this even possible with this node? Or are there other approaches? 


Thanks Christoph


Cell splitter node using # as the delimiter will give you the new columns but maybe not quite as you want.


maybe another attempt with the regex split node would be expression