Extract number from string

I have a GetRequest outputting this 


200 text/plain; charset=utf-8

domains_num 199



The headers won't copy for some reason. I'm trying to extract the 199 from the fourth column which is called body. I've tried using the String Manipulation Node and entered this expression


removeChars("n" ) (just as a test - would put a-z if it worked)


But I just get a new column with an n in it.


Tried a couple of other setting too but couldn't make it work. Feel like I am just missing something obvious? Am very very new to Knime and basically just feeling my way round in the dark. Any help would be appreciated.



the replace chars node needs three inputs. So you would need something like this:

replaceChars($columnname$, "qwertzuiopüasdfghjklöäyxcvbnm", "") 

inside the String Manipulation node.

Best, Iris

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