Extract Table Dimension node new feature request

Dear KNIMErs,

I find the Extract Table Dimension node very useful to extract the dimension of a table and inject this information in the flow variables. This generates 2 flow variables: Number Columns and Number Rows. Almost any time upon extraction I need to adjust these flow variable names. This is why I would like to propose the option of naming the flow variables directly from the Extract Table Dimension node configuration. So, by default the node can work as now, but if somebody optionally specify a different name for Number Columns or Number Rows, these are reported in the output table and especially as output variables.

Does this makes sense?


Hi there!

Tnx for suggestion. I will check and get back to you.


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Hi Gio,

Feature request has been made for this feature.

Tnx for engagement.


Great news Ivan.
Thanks to you guys for the constant improvement of the technology!

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