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I am trying to scrape a website and I need to extract data that is in the javascript of the source code into a table. It looks something like this:

{ langId: 31, storeId: 30019, catalogId: 10158, categoryId: "28578", urlLangId: 31, pageSize: 48, pageNumber: 1, beginIndex:0, sType: "SimpleSearch", searchTerm: "", searchType: "", metaData: "", resultCatEntryType: "", filterFacet: "", manufacturer: "", searchTermScope: "", filterTerm: "", filterType: "", advancedSearch: "", selection: { colour: [], size: [] } } }); }); });

		<p>I want to have 1 row with the headers that are in in front of the&nbsp;&quot;:&quot;&nbsp;and the values the piece between the &quot;:&quot; and the &quot;,&quot;. I need an elegant way of doing this.</p>

		<p>I tried to convert the string to JSON but I got an error that the field names arent double qouted.</p>

		<p>Thanks for the support!</p>

		<p>Kind regards,</p>


Hi Anton,

using the JSON node is the right aproach to do this in an elegant way. To prepare the string i.e. the value with double quote I think you need to use the Java Snippet node and do some string manipulation.

Cheers, Kilian

One can use Java's JavaScript execution engine and then create a JSON string which can then be parsed by the JSON nodes. Something like this:

Table Creator

Before, make sure to clean the input string before, so that brackets are balanced (your example contains more closing than opening brackets).

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