Extracting the Column Name as a flow variable

Hi, I have a node that adds new columns to the data table. How I do capture the names of the new columns as flow variables? I can see how to do this with data in the columns using the Table column to Variable or Table Flow to variable nodes but can’t see how to do it with the column names themselves.





Hi there @n_ray,

what node(s) are you using to add new columns? I’m asking cause under Flow Variables tab you can create new flow variables by adding name to blank rectangle right from the flow variable drop down menu. See print screen example on how to create flow variable with column name of newly added column in Rule Engine node.


Hi Ivan,

I’m using one of the Earlwood nodes (‘Free-Wilson Matched Pairs’) from the Community Nodes section. I couldn’t see anything in the flow variable section that looked like a ‘New Column Name’ field unfortunately. As far as I can tell the node generates the new columns with default names and there is no option to change them (or assign to a variable).

Thanks for your input, Nick

Hi @n_ray,

Not familiar with Erlwood extension :frowning:

If this is the case I would do as @izaychik63 suggested. Maybe node to add would be Column Filter node so you can just get names of new columns as flow variables. Something like this:


Should work just fine :wink:


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