Extreme high UI latency


working on the latest data challenge I am processing the data using the Parallel Chunk nodes. Nothing special as I am using them almost on a daily basis.

Though, I noticed an extreme UI latency despite having enough system resources available. Please see my screen recording (download).

I can work with the situation and will share the workflow once I have completed the challenge.

I believe I figured out what is happening or at least have a good suspicion:

  1. Some CPUs are highly utilized but not all
  2. The UI lag is triggered upon parallel execution indicating that UI rendering is happening using CPU instead of GPU
  3. The rendering process is done on one of the heavy utilized cores causing congestion

The problem I see here … I utilized all cores before in even more demanding processes like web crawling with +10 sessions all while crunching data in another workflow but without any perceived UI lag.

This issue also appeared only with the latest update of Knime or any of it’s extensions. I am doing nothing fancy or totally new either.


Here is another example where the CPU constraints become visible too:

Checking the task manager two processes caught my attention “Equo Chromium Helper” and “System”, both utilizing the GPU significantly

Trying to close the eCharts window made Knime unresponsive and it only recovered after about a minute or two.


Hello @mwiegand,

Great to see your detailed documentation of the issue. I opened up a ticket previously in relation to performance, and I have went ahead and added a link to this thread under it also and added a +1 to it as they both relate to hardware not being fully utilized properly.

Ticket AP-22521