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Hi community,
I’m trying to understand if and how can I integrate facebook ads data into my knime workflows. I was not able to find a suitable solution looking into the forum, so I’m not 100% sure the solution itself exists…

Thanks for anyone spending some time to help me


Hi @Yaghm,

There is no KNIME Facebook node that I’m aware of. You can likely use the REST API that Facebook provide with the GET Request or POST Request nodes to retrieve the data you need.

Wali Khan


Thanks a lot @wkhan , is there some kind of step by step guide for doing this? I never used nodes you mentioned unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi Giacomo,

There’s nothing step-by-step for Facebook, but there are some sections on this blog post that you might find useful on working with REST APIs in KNIME.

If Facebook APIs use tokens, here’s a forum post that shows how to handle tokens for Google APIs in KNIME that you could use a template as well. Having difficulties setting up Post Request to Google API requiring OAuth2.0 - #13 by alabamian2

Edit: Feel free to send any errors or difficulties you have in this thread and maybe we can help :slight_smile:

Wali Khan


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