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How can I use Knime to extract data from my facebook  page. I want to use Knime to identify influencers on my page etc. 

Influencer is someone who posts, and has a considerable number of people following then.

Is there an API that can extract this data from FB. (I am the owner of the page so authorization should not be a problem). I have heard that FB is very restricitve in terms of sharing data.


there is no node, as far as I know, in KNIME to extract data from social media. You can use a dedicated software and run it in your workflow via the "External Tool" node or if it is a web service via the "Generic Web Service Client" node.

-- Rosaria


I think there is nothing specific for Facebook, but since we are doing research on Web Corpora our Palladian Community nodes contain functionality to retrieve web pages within KNIME.

You should be able to access Facebook and build a KNIME workflow on the data.

You can install these nodes as described here: http://tech.knime.org/community

Hi Guys,


This may seem like a stupid question but how do you install the Palladian nodes? I have tried downloading the zip file located at: http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/release and then adding this location in the File > Preferences > Install/Update > Automatic Software Sites but I cant seem to find the palladain nodes.

Im unable to access the site directly due to proxy restirctions so I need to use the zip file.


You need to go to the help menu and choose install new software and if you have added the community link, now choose all sites from the dropdown where it says work with and it will check for updates, it should list new software in the white box. Just tick the desired ones. There is more info here; http://knime.org/downloads/update


Hi there

I'm currently struggling as well with the extraction of  facebook data. Is there a way someone can post me some sample workflow or at least an image of such a workflow that I have a bone to chew on?
I'm also willing to pay someone who can set this up for us.

thank you for replies,  Dieter

Hi Dieter,

difficult to give any hints without more details on what you're trying to achieve. I'm trying to give two pointers:

You can have a look at Facebook's REST-based Graph API whether you can get the desired data via an official Facebook API. To access the API and process the data within KNIME, you can use a combination of the Palladian Nodes (especially the HttpRetriever) and the JSON nodes to parse the result data.

A different approach which also works when there is no dedicated API available: Using the Selenium Nodes (currently in Beta) you can simulate a full web browser including all kinds of interaction from KNIME and extract arbitrary data. The linked webpage contains a sample workflow which should get you started. Beside that, I recently created a workflow which would extract all Facebook friends, if that helps, I can supply it to you. Let me know.


Disclaimer: I'm the author of both the Selenium and the Palladian nodes.

hi Philipp
thank you for the fast response!
my task is to figure our the details of the fan structure: where they are, gender, age etc. and how many likes the topics got.
I assume that the Graph API might be the better approach. but I'm new to these things anyway..
The goal is to creat a monthly report on the facebook activities. If you have some workflows on this It would be great to
have a look at them.  you can also contact me under dieter.bratschi (AT) bizzeps.com.

thank you and have a good day,  Dieter

Hi adaptagis,

Did you have solution how to extract facebook data using Knime. If, yes. Could you please share with me. I am new with knime and interested to analyse my facebook page. Thank you.