Fail options or hande of errors

Hi all,

Working with Knime a see something that can be use full for all nodes that stop due some error, for this case will be nice if all this nodes have an option to deal with errors, for example stop o continuing the process and select or put in other output all records that present some error, and telling what was the error for each line, example if I need to create a date from a field with numbers and for some reason in some field was reported an “word” the actual process is stoped but for mi case if the node put in other output the registers that produce errors I can handle this errors to be analiced or create additional process to handle it.

In the same line for csv reader and other inputs will be useful a tab to handle with errors for each kind of error or columns due that for example I must work with big files and after a lot of time reading some files the process is ended due some error, but if the node has the option to handle the error and separating this registers and continuing with the register without errors, etc.


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I think your idea is great.

An analogy is the insert node of a database. When certain rows fail to be inserted, it only displays that row that failed to be inserted, while other rows will continue to be inserted.

Of course, a great idea is one thing, but whether it will be difficult to implement is another. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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