failed to install dataprep - python package on conda environment

Im trying to install dataprep with the command - “conda install -c conda-forge dataprep”
and it failed, screenshot below:

any suggestion?


one idea could be to activate your environment and just try to install it with pip install …

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Thank you - it worked.

I have a follow up question, if I may:
the dataprep report works but its not interactive, is there any way to make it interactive?
I tried to use knio.view - but “import as knio” - but i get an error: " No module named ‘’"

Thanks in advance,


Where is this script executed?

Hi @Daniel_Weikert
I’m building knime python based extension and its running in knime as an extension - custom Node.
screenshot below:

also in the console you can see the error about reference error ( I guess the events that I triggered by clicking items in the dataprep window),


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