Failed to interpolate missing values

Hi! I need your help Knime community

I have some missing data in my time series dataset, tried to interpolate them with the missing values node using linear interpolation, but got this error:

the current settings use missing value handling methods that cannot be represented in PMML 4.2

Hi @mohamedEl,

this actually sounds like a common warning message. Do you get yellow triangle or a red circle with a white cross, when executing the node?


Yes @Kathrin I get a yellow triangle


What does the resulting table actually look like?

Did the node actually fail? Because that error doesn’t usually indicate failure, it’s just a warning about the structure of the resulting table and its compatibility with external tools.

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In this case it is only a warning and your missing values should be imputed correctly.

PMML stands for Predictive Model Markup Language and is an XML-based predictive model interchange format. The second output port is a PMML output port (blue square), which saves the selected imputation methods so you can apply it to an other dataset using the Missing Value (apply) node. The warning tells you that the selected imputation option is not supported by PMML and therefore you can not be automatically be applied to another dataset.


No the node did not fail, it was just a warning

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