Failed to parse date in row (string to date) but only for 'Sep'

Hi guys,

I’ve got a strange issue with conversion of string into date. The issue seems to occur only for the month of ‘Sep’.

The data to be converted to date is shown below.

This is the dialog for conversion.

Error message.

All dates are able to be converted apart from dates that include ‘Sep’.

Any tips are appreciated.


Hi @michaelc12,

The issue comes from the fact that you have selected “en-GB” as locale. It seems that the British locale expects “Sept” while the American locale (“en-US”) expects “Sep”.

To fix the issue, I think it depends where the data comes from that you are processing. If it was it created using the American locale, changing the locale setting in the node to “en-US” should fix it.

If it was created using the British locale, KNIME (i.e. Java) might treat “September” differently than the tool that created the dates - which would be unfortunate. Instead of changing the locale node setting (as this might have additional implications), you could also use a String Manipulation node and replace “Sep” with “Sept”.

Hope that helps!



Amazing thanks Simon!


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