Failed to parse python node Extension - file name or extension is too long

I get this error while I’m trying to install python extension that I created:

import error: “DLL load failed while importing _middle_term_computer: the filename or extension is too long”

I already installed extension with longer name under the same folder that didn’t gave me this error.
one thing is that the user name that mention in the error description (in the path) was change 2 weeks ago and might be the cause to all of this.
any idea how to fix this?

@hagay_finiti could it be this problem. There is a workaround suggested.

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Hi , and thank you for your replay @mlauber71,
I did tried to shorter the name and I cant control the KAP installation path.
I will ask about changing max path length in the registry with our IT.

Thanks again

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Thanks for the solution… It’s incredibly helpful.

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