Failed to reload metadata: Failed to read Neo4j DB metadata


I’m using the neo4j-Extension and can basically access my local neo4j-Database. But i have to enter a cypher query explicitly to get data. The windows “Node labels”, “Node properties”, “Relationship labels” and “Relationship properties” in the Neo4j Reade node remain empty.

Error Massage
ERROR ReaderDialog Failed to reload metadata: Failed to read Neo4j DB metadata

KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7.1.v202301311353
Neo4j extension 1.0.1.v202207061143
Neo4j Server version: 5.3.0 (enterprise)

Does anyone have an idea why the metadata of the Neo4j DB cannot be loaded?

Hi @pechwick,

maybe @Artem can help here :slight_smile:

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Hello @pechwick

The reasons could be different for this:

  • the permissions in the database do not allow to run the functions to get the graph meta data;
  • these functions are different in the current version that you use;
  • the driver that is used in the node is outdated to perform these operations.

Unfortunately I am having the same issues with Neo4j 5.2+ versions. At the moment we are not planning to update the nodes, but I hope we will resolve this issue by the end of the year. In that case you will be able to just update the nodes and everything should be in place as usual.

Otherwise I have not experienced other problems working with the nodes. In case you found anything else please let me know.


I am having similar issue when try to load huge amount of data (create constrains, nodes, relationships etc.) with KNIME v5.1.0, Neo4J Enterprise 5.11 and Neo4j extension 1.0.1.v202207061143.
ERROR Neo4j Writer Execute failed: javax/json/Json
ERROR WriterDialog Failed to reload metadata: Failed to read Neo4j DB metadata

Sad to hear that the node update is not going to happen before the end of the year, but fingers crossed and hope in an earlier update :slight_smile:

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