Failure when using DB Loader with Snowflake Connectors - csv.gz does not exist

I keep getting the below failure message when using the DB Loader node with Knime. What am I missing?

Execute failed: /private/var/folders/sd/s6wch6zs4bg_h4cw1vydy6580000gp/T/knime_17_Load_data_in20532/snowflake-20541/knime2db10996d93556349dc.csv.gz does not exist

I am attempting to use the Load data into Snowflake workflow published on the Knime Hub.

Here are my configurations:


DB Table Creator

DB Loader

@tobias.koetter any insights on this?

I saw you responded with solutions for many of the other snowflake forum posts.

Thank you!

@gcraig I would suggest you try to first reset the whole workflow. Then use a cache node between the CSV reader and the DB Table Creator and then use the Parquet format.

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