Faulty Component pasted and cannot get deleted

Good morning,

while copy & paste from one to another workflow to tidy things up, I encountered a problem which I struggle to resolve.

A component was inserted which I cannot properly select and therefore delete. All nodes were inserted without any connection. Presumably because I selected some nodes via bulk- and others single selct by pressing CMD + Shift.

I can change the description of the faulty component and connect the input ports. Upon configuring the component it has no included “sub-nodes”. Not even in- and output which I believe is the primary issue. The context menu also does not offer the usual component configuration menu. Lots of errors are thrown as well and I cannot save the workflow.

Log Excerpt

Error No such node ID: 6:735:0:730 valid []
Error Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench".
Error Unhandled event loop exception
Error Execution exception for: ParameterizedCommand(Command(org.eclipse.ui.edit.delete,Delete,
		Delete the selection,
		,,true),null) in 
	context chain: WorkbenchContext -> TrimmedWindowImpl (IDEWindow) Context -> PerspectiveImpl (org.knime.workbench.ui.ModellerPerspective) Context -> PartImpl (org.eclipse.e4.ui.compatibility.editor)  removeOnHide org.knime.workbench.editor.WorkflowEditorContext

Complete Log with Stack Trace
Faulty Component pasted.log (843.2 KB)

Adding to this I also cannot replace the component by another copy nor any other node. Configuring the node I am able to paste all containing nodes but, unfortunately, not the in- and output nodes of the component.

Since I cannot save the workflow and I want to preserve the status quo for debugging, I neither can share it nor will I close knime in case this becomes so important to remotely debug.


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I want to circle back to this as the issue manifested in a slightly different way this time.

Unintentionally, I copy & pasted a running component which had a parallel node present. I was not able to abort the faulty processing. Restarting Knime, after saving the current status, did not remove the faulty chunks nor allowed me to delete them.

The faulty component I was able to delete. As follows a screenshot of the problem: