Feature request: Box-Cox Transformation

Please can a node be added to undertake a Box-Cox transformation to help reduce the amount of Skew in datasets.



Hi @richards99 -

Nice idea! What would you think about having Box-Cox as an additional transformation option in the Normalizer node? I can write up an enhancement ticket and add your request as a +1.

(EDIT: Internal reference AP-13756)


Box-Cox is one of the recommended transformation for skewed distributions. @ScottF, you can add another 1 for me.

Thank you


It occurs to me that if this were implemented in the Normalizer node that we’d also need to include appropriate caveats, since there’s no guarantee that applying Box-Cox will result in a a distribution close to normality. But still, it’s such a common transform that I think that’s OK :slight_smile:


Thanks for considering the request.

If you add it to the normaliser node, please also consider adding a winsoriser function.
I know I’m pushing my luck, but if I don’t ask, I don’t get!!


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I’m thinking a de-skew node maybe better than adding it to the normaliser.

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