feature request: dos/unix/mac output option for writer nodes


I would like to request an additional option for e.g. the CSV writer node to be able to generate text files in a Unix/Mac/DOS format.

Currently I am working on a Windows machine and when I write in a shared directory the file is in dos format. I would like to have in UNIX format.






Check the Java -Dfile.encoding flag options (to be set in knime.ini), there's some flexibility in there. My own default is -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8, but I suppose you can pick any other from here:






I think Bernd was referring to set the line ending to \r\n (Windows), \n (UNIX) or \r (Mac).

But the encoding information might also be interesting though for other problems.

As of OS X, Mac and Unix use the same line ending (\n).

Hi Bernd,

We do have this already open as a feature request.  I've tagged it's ticket with this thread now as well.


Excellent. Please make sure it defaults to the OS it runs on. ;-)



I thought we might go with OS9 style for the default, any objections?



Backwards-compatibility FTW! :P



One interim solution would be to create an R Snippet template that allows you to set the appropriate value for the 'eol' option of write.table(). (you can also set quoting, row/col names, etc.)