Feature request for concatenating "loop end" nodes

Dear KNIMErs,

Reporting back with a quick feature request: It’d be extremely helpful if concatenating “loop end” nodes moved the “Iteration” column to the very end of the result table when addressing changing table specs. Right now the first table spec determines where the iteration column ends up, and any spec-incompliant columns get added even further to the right, making the search for the iteration column occasionally difficult (or requiring a post-processing node to fix).

Added “nice-to-haves” would be:

  • an option to move the iteration column to the very left instead
  • an option to replace the iteration identifier with a loop variable

Many thanks for considering this! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Hi there @Ergonomist,

I see what you mean. Regarding option to move iteration column - with this option loop performance would be downgraded so don’t think it is not worth it especially when you only need one node (Column Resorter) to get your desired format after loop. Regarding second request to replace iteration column with variable. Again only one node is sufficient and that is Variable to Table Column before Loop End node so could that work for you.

Tnx for engaging!


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