Feature request: Give an option "yes to all" in Save Resource Dialog

It’d be nice if there was an option “Yes to all” when KNIME Analytics Platform asks whether to save or not to save a workflow while it is closing. When there are multiple workflows changed in the IDE it is annoying to handle all the dialogs one-by-one and to wait after each single save operation ends. Introduce a “Yes to all” option.


Hi there @jan_lender,

Feature request for this has been made.

Nice one :wink:



Thank you @ipazin
Please add “not to all” too. Thank you.


How would a “not to all” work? (I mean, isn’t ‘not to all’ what it is currently doing - inquiring once per workflow?)
(Unless you’re envisioning a button like the Yes button for ‘Yes to All’ - in which case a ‘No to All’ would make sense - but then we’re at 5 buttons on a dialog which is a little much - the implementation would more likely be the dialog having a checkbox with verbiage like “Use my decision for the remaining dirty workflows.”)


Hi @quaeler,

I think s checkbox you mentioned would be great. But I’m more a programmer than a UX guru.

This is a dialog the PSPad, which is great text editing app for Windows users, displays in the case we’re talking about:

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