Feature Request - Input File relocation/movement

Hi there!

I would like to post a feature request related basically to all input nodes.
Would it be possible to add a method to input nodes to move input files into
the workspace/repository. I know how to move Excel/CSV files first into the
repository and then link them into the workflow. In my daily routine I thought
how I would love to be able to “tidy up” workflows, where the data file is just somewhere
on my PC. My suggestion, add a rightcklick on the node to move the file to the repo and
change also the path with it.

I know you are busy with a lot of items.


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Hi @lareooreal -

Thanks for the feedback.

Did you know you can just drag and drop files from your file system directly into the KNIME Explorer pane? This will copy them to your repository.

(Now that I read your comment again, I realize you probably DO already know this, but I mention it here for the benefit of others who might not :slight_smile: )

Yep I know. What I was suggesting is an “ingestion” of files.
I have so many workflows and sometimes I have problems to track
the input data.


Understood. Thank you!

Hi there @lareooreal,

I really like your idea and hopefully there will be some progress with it :wink:

In the mean time here is Component that can do part of your request. Move Input Files from workflow into workflow directory. Currently it moves 2 input files but this can be easily modified.

Here is workflow with it:


Add some two dummy files on your Desktop and try it out :wink:


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This component is very helpful. Saves a lot of work. I will combine this with a standard component of mine for file selection. Thanks this is very helpful.



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