Feature request: parameter optimisation with Strings

Hi Knimers,
I wonder if you can add String parameters to the optimization loop. For Example, During Random Forest parameter Optimisation, I would also like to give Split criteria to the mix and only way to do that is to use proxy variables which makes it more confusing. ( Like 1 = Gini, 2= InformationGain …etc)
Being able to define String parameters would definitely ease the pain.
Keep up the good work my dear friends.


Hi @Safak,

this would be a really nice feature, indeed! We are aware of it and have this on our list.
The only workaround is the one you are using right now. Be aware that the Bayesian optimization and the Hillclimbing strategies are not able to calculate reasonable parameters in this case since it is interpreted it should be treated as a nominal parameter but is treated as a numerical one.

Stay tuned!



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