Feature request Process Mining Extension

Hi everbody, I wonder if in future versions knime can integrate a Process Mining Extension such as Prom, in order to link the operations and analytics in a better way. 

See the link: http://www.processmining.org/prom/start

Thank you


Worth considering?

Hi Mau,

thank you for the link and the hint. It is definitley worth considering.

Cheers, Kilian

Would very much like to see a ProM

I agree. It is very interesting

This would be awesome, we love both tools!

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What about this KNIME-ProM Process Mining integration topic?
Thank you


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Hello everybody,

If not mistaken seems this is what you were looking for. PM4KNIME is here!


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Yeah thats right, process mining at last.

Hi, if Knime has functionality of Disco (fluxicon) like process mapping, different filtering options, cases overview and so on? Can it be integrated in any way?

Hi I am not quite sure you can chek here Verified Components History | KNIME @PM4KNIME or this Process Mining Extension – KNIME Community Hub

Hope it helps

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