Feature Request: Progress Indicator in Geospatial View


When opening the Geospatial View there is a short delay, then the Legend is shown. Then there…is…a…very…very…long delay before the plot is shown. In my case this can be minutes as the data set is quite large (188,000 polygons).

Desired Feature

It is disconcerting to sit for a long time not knowing whether the computer has stopped working or whether waiting five more seconds will produce the required output. It would be reassuring if there was an indicator to show that the computer was still processing data and it would, eventually, produce a result.

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Hello @DiaAzul ,
thanks for trying out the new extension and providing valuable feedback. We will look into providing better progress for large data sets(internal ticket no. AP-19905). We will also investigate if it is possible to load large data lazily (ticket no. AP-19906) e.g. already show the first 1000 points while loading the rest in the background. However we still need to investigate if the view frameworks that we use support this as well. So I can not promis anything yet.


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