Feature request: Proxy settings in the HTTP Retriever node


Is it possible to add proxy settings in the HTTP Retriever node’s configuration?


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Hi Armin,

Absolutely, and I agree that would be a useful feature.

I’m currently working on several HTTP-related improvements to complement the recent 2.3-release (see e.g. here).

As usual: I’ll be in touch once there’s something to test for you :slight_smile:

– P

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Hi Armin,

the next build of prerelease branch (you should have the URL – if not email me) will have an additional “Proxy” tab:

Additionally, here’s an example workflow:

Let me know your feedback!


Wow, how quick!

Thank you Philipp! I will try the new feature asap. Thank you for providing these great nodes (Selenium and Palladian) to the community.



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