Feature request: resort columns in GroupBy node configuration

Hi, it has happened me a good number of times that I realized after having carefully tweaked a number of columns in the GroupBy node, that I had forgotten to add a column. Sure I can add this but then it ends up last, whereas I would have liked to have it higher up. I know there is a Column Resorter node but still I believe having the possibility to resort the column order in the GroupBy node would be a significant enhancement.



Hi @evert.homan_scilifelab.se

Great suggestion ! I confirm I have been through the same situation quite often and the possible of column sorting would be a great improvement.

Future request +1 :wink:



+1 for me too. The resort option could be adding the possibility to move the columns up and down, same as what we have in the Column Resorter.

Another option I would like to request for the GroupBy node is if we can apply the same Aggregation to highlighted columns. Using @evert.homan_scilifelab.se’s example, there are a few columns where the Aggregation is “First” and the others have “Concatenate”, and basically he had to click the Aggregation and choose “First” or “Concatenate” one by one, for each of the columns. The idea would be highlight the columns (and the GroupBy node already allows you to highlight multiple columns) you need to be “Concatenate” for example, and then choose the Aggregation “Concatenate” for one of the highlighted rows, and the Aggregation “Concatenate” should apply to these highlighted columns. Similarly for the “Missing” option

EDIT: Actually, I had not noticed this before:

So, you can actually select the same Aggregation for multiple columns by doing a right-click. I guess it could be easier to do it the way I suggested too (highlighting and select Aggregation) :slight_smile:


If I understood the idea correctly, are you suggesting something like this ?

You can actually highlight the desired columns and then apply the same aggregation operation for those columns.

This actually could be a very useful addition to the Groupby Node.

I’m thinking something like the Columns Expressions node has.

Or like the Column Resorter actions.