Feature request: Save without data

Please introduce an option to save without data by default. Or at least not to save the FileStoreNodes (Imaging Nodes in my case).

Every now and then I accidently hit save and then I'm stalled for 45 minutes with a "Saving data (this cannot be canceled)..." window, just to reset the whole workflow afterwards and to save it again.


Hi Lorenz,

I will push this as an feature request in our bugtracing system.

Best, Iris

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This feature can be very usefull in my opinion.


second that

Hi Everyone,

i wanted to tell you two workarounds for this problem:

1. The KNIME Image Processing already has a set of nodes available for this purpose.

2. Streaming! (For a lot of details and a really good reading, check out Bernds posts about streaming https://www.knime.org/blog/streaming-data-in-knime)

Inside a streamed metanode no inbetween results are saved, so you can use it as a don't save method as well. If you have nodes inside which are not streamable. This doesn't matter, they just will be executed the traditional way.

I hope this helps to speed you up and reduce the size of your workflows :)

Cheers, Iris

Many thanks Iris! Good insights


Hi Iris

Is there anything special to do to be able to try the streaming nodes?

I am updating from http://update.knime.org/analytic-platform/3.1. After updating, selecting KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta) (version 3.1.0.v201511280708), it doesn't show up on in the node repository.

When iI  check for updates again, it says it's already installed. 





Hi Iris,

thanks for your support! Any hint when this feature will be available?

Best, Lorenz

Hi @Iris, I realise this is a very old thread, but did this feature ever get implemented? I’m on 4.3.2 and I can only see the “Save without data” option in the Auto Save section (Perferences->KNIME->KNIME GUI). Is the option available for standard saving of the workflow?


Hi @knime_noob

no we did not.

I moved this into our new category to give it attention from our product team.