Feature request: Show current configuration of node on mouse hover

Often, when I am working on a KNIME workflow or looking through an old workflow (trying to remember how I did things exactly) or maybe a workflow I downloaded from the EXAMPLES server, I want to look at the configuration of various nodes in that workflow.
So, just to see how the workflow’s nodes are currently configured what I often find myself doing is going through the following process:

  1. open the configuration dialog of a node
  2. look at the configuration
  3. close the dialog
  4. open the configuration dialog of another node
  5. look at the configuration
  6. close that dialog, too
  7. rinse
  8. and
  9. repeat

This can become an annoying mouse clicking exercise pretty quickly.

So here’s my feature request/suggestion: Why not show a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a configured/executed node that just shows the current configuration? See this mockup:

At least to me that would be immensly helpful.

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

yes this is definitely something we are looking in for some time soon :slight_smile:
We have a huge project cooking in the development which we are all very excited about.
Yes, this will be part of it.

Cheers, Iris


and if also posible something like cumulative info what changes is done at the end of node work…like kind of report specially dedicate to node job …example: what is change or not by replace function of column expression node ect…and go back if needed?

Hi @ssimara,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Can you explain a bit more what you think with “info about changes done at end of node work” and what is the use case behind it? Are you referring only to Column Expressions node or other node (where applicable) as well? And how would “go back” look like?


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