Feature Request: Table Row to Variable Loop Node Parallel Processing

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears as if the “Table Row to Variable Loop” node will execute one row from the source table at a time.

Can you please modify this node or create a new set of workflow management nodes that will execute multiple rows of the source table in parallel?

@ohas have you tried to combine a Chunk Loop and: KNIME Parallel Chunk Loop Nodes – KNIME Hub


Hi @ohas , the Table Row to Variable Loop is based on the Table Row to Variable, except that it will execute for all the rows, one at a time of course, within a loop.

As you can see with Table Row to Variable, it treats 1 row only, and that’s possibly because the column names are used as variables, and as we know, each variable can only hold 1 value at a time.

So, I can’t see how parallel rows can be executed at the same time with Table Row to Variable.

The alternative would be to use what @mlauber71 has suggested, the Parallel Chunk Loop. You can then use the Table Row to Variable within the loop if you need the values as variables.


Thanks mlauber - I thought about it and I think there is a way to do what I want using the parallel chunk node.

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