Feature Request: Table Writer Append – Display of current complexity + X


I personally find the advance of conserving column types when using the table writer node very compelling. However, the missing functionality to simply append to an existing file compared to the CSV Writer is a major bummer.

As follows the workflow which display two solutions on how to append data to a table file.

This has been highlighted in this thread some time ago:

I’d therefore like to suggest to implement the append to file functionality for the table file type.

About the “+X”
While working on it I also recognized another possible inconvenience as the Row Filter Node does not support Path Variables to filter Columns of the same type.



Thank you for reporting this, @mwiegand.
The solution you propose is working, but I definitely like the idea of adding the append function to the Table Writer node.
I found an open ticket for that (AP-17472) and added a +1.



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