Feature request - Write Owner ID into a table

Dear all,
in case of error the node “Catch” produce a list of variables and a column called Owner ID that contains the number of the node that produced the error. I would like to write this column into a csv file to create a log. How can I do this? If it is not available any chance to this this feature implemented in the future?

Hi @iiiaaa,

you could use a Variable to Table Row and a File Writer node to do this.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunatelly the node “Variable to Table Row” is not able to extract the column Owner ID that contain the number of the node that produced the error.
Is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi there!

This Owner ID is ID of a node that created flow variable and is not only associated with Try/Catch nodes but rather with every flow variable meaning each flow variable has a Owner ID.

Currently don’t see any way to extract this information out.

Let’s suppose you have this information in log file and it is actually necessary to detect which node caused error cause you have more than one same node in Try/Catch sequence in your workflow. How do you map Owner ID back to node? Search through workflow? Ideally I would rather prefer to have option to rename flow variables that Catch nodes produce in case of error…


Ivan, many thanks for your reply!
I have a large workflow with a Try at the beginning and a catch at the end that writes a log in case of error. My goal would be to also write the node associated with the error. I understand that searching through the workflow is not very easy (it would be very good if Knime developer could develop a search engine) but it would be better than nothing.


Hi there,

I just figured out that Owner ID is always ID of Catch Errors node so in your case Owner ID is not useful as it will not be the ID of node that failed.
But you can still write the name of node that failed to the log.

Anyways I will check would it be useful to be able to extract this information.


Thanks for your reply. So how can I write the name of node that failed to a table ?

Hi there,

here is print screen from Catch Errors node when node that failed was Send Email:

Use Variable to Table Row to get it in table format and write it down where you want.


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Dear Ivan,
Thanks for your answer.
Sorry if my question was not clear. What I wanted to ask is:
How can I write the ID of the node that failed to a table?

Because in the same workflow I can have more than 1 “Send Email” nodes and in the log it will be very useful to know which one failed.

Thanks for your support!


I thought we were on the same page but seems not. No problem :slight_smile:

Only thing you can get from Try/Catch sequence currently that can identify node that failed is Name node (at least to my knowledge). And now we can define a feature request a bit better: Try/Catch sequence to output additional information that can identify failed node. What do you think?


Hello Ivan,
thank you very much for your reply. Now we are on the same page. The feature request “Try/Catch sequence to output additional information that can identify failed node” is perfect!


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