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@Continental_KNIME_Extension_Developer, is it possible to add standard Excel formatter for Control Table? I mean very simple scenario - write Excel file and in specific tab insert table with standard Excel colors. With current nodes it is necessary to specify tag name, table size and over formatting for a standard process to have necessary result.

Dear @izaychik63,
Thanks for your question. If I understand the question right, you would wish to auto-detect table dimensions and add formatting similar to that offered in the layout suggestion by Excel. The Java libraries we use require explicit definition of format options. MS Excel does not even need to be installed, so we can’t really access its standards.
Did you try defining a KNIME component yourself which is designed in a generic fashion and could implement your desired format in a re-usable way? That should not be too difficult and also allow to customize colors etc. to your personal preferences.
Best regards

Excel opens table with default format for tables but the table size is very desirable like Excel writer does not ask for table size. Also, it looks in current release formatting is mandatory but in 90% of cases I need just insert a table in existing Excel. Indeed it could be an option in Excel Writer but still is not. Different exotic solution with R, Python so on, for me is not a way to go.

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