feature selection in linear regression

I wonder if anyone could look at my workflow and see if the feature selection is done correctly. I cannot figure out how to connect numeric scorer to feature selection end loop. I tried to drag the red dot to connect the two nodes together but I cannot get it done.

Thank you. feature selection linear regression.knar (11.0 KB)

There seems to be no workflow attached. I just can see a CSV file. Maybe you try to export the whole workflow again

Oops. I apologize for that. Hopefully this time it is there. I also attached a screenshot. I do not know how to connect these two nodes (numeric scorer and feature selection loop end) together. Also I am not sure if I set it up correctly.
feature selection linear regression.knar (48.8 KB)

Hello @Learn2019,

the issue with the Numeric Scorer is that it doesn’t automatically provide its metrics as Flow Variables, so you have to use the Table Row to Variable node to transform the table into Flow Variables.



Nevermind my last post, the Numeric Scorer actually has an option to publish the metrics as flow variables. Once you set this option, you can simply connect the flow variable port to the Feature Selection Loop End.
Note that by default the flow variable ports are not displayed but if you click on the top right corner of the node you can connect the flow variable port like you would a table.




Thank you. I did connect the two nodes together however, the loop end nodes still cannot be configured. Could you take another look at it?


in the node " NUMERIC SCORER" exist a option you can click for activate the flow variables (R^2, …)Captura

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Thank you! I have been struggling it for several hours.