Feature selection

hey everybody,
I’m trying to select the feature with highest linear correlation, in first pic u can see my data (mean, slope …), first colomn is:
1: Cooler condition / %:
3: close to total failure
20: reduced effifiency
100: full efficiency
by feature selecting I mean, I want to achieve the most correlated feature(mean, slope…)
I got the Linear correlation easily and my feature in this case (median) but I can not select the feature in order to use it in next step for my work, any idea? is it possible to use Linear C in feature selection node(loop)?!

You could adapt this workflow. You calculate a (Pearson) correlation between all numeric variables and the target variable (here: SalePrice). Then you use the absolute value to rank the variables and you could then cut at a number or value you want (negative values indicate a reversed correlation).

The housing price data is from a Kaggle competition.

kn_example_housing_prices_regression.knar (342.4 KB)


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