Feature suggestion: Choose encoding type in Excel reader

This option is available in the CSV reader node, it would be great if it is available too in the Excel reader

Are you facing any issues regarding wrong assigned encodings for excel files? If so, which Excel Reader node and which Excel format (xls/xlsx) did you use?
I am just asking this as the encoding for Excel files are either fixed or provided within the file itself, so every Excel file should be processed properly.

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Hi @MIchael thanks for answwering. I’m using the Excel reader on KNIME 4.3.3. I get in trpulñbe with some files I read. Also sometimes the Excel Writer gets into trouble since the written file gets a different encoding than my Desktop’s Excel.

I’ll try to find a file that has the problem so it’s reproducible.

The files are all .xlsx


Hi @iperez,

Were you able to identify the Excel file that caused the problem? Would you be able to provide us an example file?

Then we would try to reproduce your issue.


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