Feature Suggestion: Collection to Columns


I frequently encounter the situation where ungrouping collections into columns (string) would be nice. At present I ungroup into rows and, depending on the size of the data set, can either pivot or have to do some other fancy “group-value-wise groupby + column append” trickery to create a table.

I know the column meta infomration is getting lost but restoring column types is sometimes easier or irrelevant for the given scenario.

Since the Vernalis Nodes offer the best in class collection nodes, I’d like to suggest two nodes:

  1. Row to collection
  2. Colelction to clumns

That might also significantly improve transpose efficiency as I, once a while, merge values of a column into a collection, transpose and ungroup instead of picoting or transposing large tables. Thinking about matrice handling, indersting into list, set to list and so forth I can imagine some neat benefits as well.


Hi @mwiegand

Is the following node what you are looking for ?

Hope this helps.

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