Feature suggestion: copy-paste a node including input connections

Dear Knimers,

I often copy-paste a node, and then my first action after pasting is connecting the node to the same preceding nodes as the original node. I often end up in this situation when I want to edit a metanode/component, but I want to leave the original intact; I create a copy that needs to have the same inputs as the original.

Because click-dragging new connections is annoying (especially at zoom levels <100%), I suggest a feature that pastes a node and that also automatically creates the same input connections as the original node.

This could be a separate context menu item, and/or mapped to ctrl-shift-v or something like that.



Thanks for the suggestion.

Did you know you can connect without dragging?

  1. Click on the nodes you want to connect while holding shift (this allows you to select 2 or more nodes).
  2. Press ctrl + L (on a mac: command + L). I assume the L stands for Link.

Thanks @victor_palacios, I will try to add this to my muscle memory!