Feature suggestion: flow variable button in Component dialog

Dear Knimers,

some nodes, such as the Constant Value column node, have a convenient button that lets the user set the value of an input field to the value of a flow variable without having to go to the flow variables tab:

I think it would be nice to have the possibility to generate buttons like this in a Component dialog window as well. In addition to making it more easy to use flowvars in Component dialogs, it would make it more obvious which settings are controlled by flowvars and which ones are not:


I have 10 input fields in this component dialog window and the message ‘"string and “double” are controlled by variables’ does not give me any clue which ones are controlled by flowvars.


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Hi @Aswin

thank you for this idea. I really like it.

I will open a feature request for it.
Best, Iris

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