Feature Suggestion: i18n Support for Modern UI

Dear KNIME Development Team,

I am writing to share some feedback and a suggestion that might enhance the usability of KNIME for a broader audience.

I understand and appreciate that the KNIME team has its own development priorities and roadmap. However, I would like to suggest considering the implementation of internationalization (i18n) support, particularly in your modern UI, potentially the Vue interface? Maybe it is
easier than classical UI.

While I personally do not face challenges using the English interface, I have heard from numerous Chinese friends who express difficulty due to the lack of a Chinese interface. The addition of multi-language support would significantly enhance their user experience and accessibility.

Recognizing that supporting multiple languages can be complex and demands meticulous planning, I am not suggesting an immediate rollout of multi-language interfaces. Instead, it might be beneficial to consider i18n in the early stages of design and development. This proactive approach could simplify future integrations and avoid potential obstacles as KNIME continues to expand globally.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Warm regards,