[Feature suggestion] KNIME Explorer Right-click open path

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I wanted to see if it would be possible when you right-click on a folder or workflow in the KNIME Explorer section of the UI if in that right-click context menu, there could be an option/entry that would say like “open path in windows explorer” or something to that nature. So when you click/select that, it would open Windows explorer to that folder location.

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Thank you for your suggestion!
A similar feature (with 3 more clicks compared with what you ask) is already available in the Analytics Platform, if you right/click on the workflow ->Copy Location → Local path.

Then you can past this location into your File Explorer and there you are.

Do you find this suggestion sufficiently resolved?



Hi @dora_gcs - Thanks! I have previously been using the process you described and it has been very helpful and useful. I use that process quite a bit so just wanted to put that suggestion out there of having a right-click open process to reduce the amount of steps even further. Just a suggestion.

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