[Feature suggestion] Path of temporary files


I file this suggestion with respect to Installing extension runs out of disk space .

To me, it seems to be a much more flexible solution to store temporary files within dedicated KNIME folders (e. g. /tmp/KNIME) instead of general ones (e. g. /tmp).


  • Disk space can be allocated to KNIME exclusively.
  • In case of a client (KNIME server?) crash, temporary files can be identified easily and likewise be removed or provided to the support and then be removed.

Kind regards


I was given a hint where to look for the setting, so my suggestion is basically obsolete. The only thing that would be nice to get done is to make the default a directory specific to KNIME.

The hint was not successful in my case. I presume, the setting only affects space needed for execution but not for installing extensions, for example. Please note the extension install at the back on the right hand side, while it is filling the /tmp directory and not the configured /home/thiemo/tmp/KNIME