Feature suggestion: rule-based row splitter with multiple outputs

Hi there,

this feature suggestion is inspired by the “conditional split” task used in the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

At the moment I am migrating some workflows from SSIS to Knime and I cannot find a good replacement node for the conditional split task. The conditional split task splits the data flow into multiple streams based on conditions. If a row fulfills multiple conditions it will be routed to the output of the first applicable condition (top to bottom).

This is basically the same functionality as the rule-based row filter only with multiple ouputs. I do believe this would be a welcome addition to the node.

There are workarounds like using multiple row splitters or case switches, but it does make things unnecessarily messy.

Hi @e2dboden -

This is good feedback, thanks!

I don’t know if you’re aware, but in starting in KNIME 4.5 the CASE Switch Start supports dynamic ports, so you can customize as many output ports as you need. Hopefully it’s not as cumbersome as it used to be. :slight_smile:


@ScottF you are right, this does make things a little easier. I personally can live with the workarounds, it is only a suggestion after all. I´m trying to see it through the eyes of a beginner though.

It´s not very intuitive for beginners to use the Case switch start node, as you can´t set up your conditions inside the node. You need to set up your conditions outside the node and be aquainted with the ins and outs of flow variables.

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