[Feature suggestions] Guided bug creation


I would like to have a more automated and guided bug reporting. I understand that a bug reporting tool open to the community is not desirable, giving insights on the workings of the company. However, there are other solutions with forums. If we take DbVisualizer as an example:

  • Feature in the KNIIME GUI to contact support such that vital information about the client installation is prefilled in. The copy-paste o r g y (sorry for the spelling, but the preview deemed it necessary to censor the ordinary writing) for the installation details is quite a pain in the ass.

  • Form in the forum together with a feature in the KNIME GUI to extract relevant information of the installation like jEdit has.

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You probably have also noticed that the second image belongs to DbVis and not to jEdit. Sorry for that.

Hi @Thiemo.Kellner,

you are absolutely right, the current situation is not pleasant at all. It wont be a fully fledged solution yet, but it’s currently in the works to provide a better way to report issues to our support team. I’ll note down your feedback in any case - thank you very much!



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