FeatureFinderMetabo returns code 137

Hi everyone!

So, I am trying to process 4 files with FeatureFinderMetabo in combination with Parallel Chunk Start and Parallel Chunk End. The 4 files have a size of ~600Mb two of them and ~200Mb the other two. The workflow fails and I get the following error for 1 of the 4 branches of the parallel execution while the other three finish successfully:

ERROR FeatureFinderMetabo 0:673:659 Failing process stderr:
ERROR FeatureFinderMetabo 0:673:659 Return code: 137
ERROR FeatureFinderMetabo 0:673:659 Execute failed: Failed to execute node FeatureFinderMetabo
ERROR Parallel Chunk End 0:609 Execute failed: Not all chunks finished - check individual chunk branches for details.

The weird part is that after the 3 branches finish successfully, if I reset the branch that fails and execute again, it finishes successfully. Is it a memory issue? I increased Knime RAM up to 16Gb(in Knime.ini file) and keeps failing. I also increased the threads in FeatureFinderMetabo, but still nothing. Any ideas why this happens?