FeatureFinderMultiplex File Reading Error


I am trying to run a file through the MetaProSIP openMS KNIME pipeline however have run into an issue early on where my mzML file will experience and error when trying to read it with FeatureFinderMultiplex. The error reads:
Error: Unable to read file (- due to that error of type Parse Error in: /Users/builder/jenkins/ws/openms/RC/openms_release_packaging/87227eb0/source/src/openms/source/FORMAT/HANDLERS/XMLHandler.cpp@131-void OpenMS::Internal::XMLHandler::fatalError(OpenMS::Internal::XMLHandler::ActionMode, const OpenMS::String &, OpenMS::UInt, OpenMS::UInt) const)]

Anyone have any insights on why this might be happening or how to resolve?


This looks like a corrupt file.
Can you double-check and validate your input files somehow?

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